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Welcome to the new site of Ekoenergia. It is another edition of our website and we hope the best. This does not mean that we will stop to develop and look for new solutions. Innovation and originality is our middle name and the continuous development means to adapt to current trends. We decided that we will be keeping up with the technological development and that our new website will be fully multimedial. There was also the decision of the discovery of the cards and to show you all of our team members. Each of us personally guides you through his section. We have the opportunity to present workforce and you can learn the secrets of the areas in which we specialize. We hope that the new edition of our website will get your attention and the knowledge that we present will be useful. We are at your service and if you have questions we are happy to help.

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Sprzęgło hydrauliczneWe are pleased to announce that, following the spirit of the times and technological development in the field of renewable energy sources and heat pumps , we started our own production of specialized hydraulic couplings for heating . NOTE ! Our product is made according to customer and the term … READ MORE –>



Many economic and ecological benefits speaks for use of wind energy, and therefore the number of people deciding to backyard wind turbines every year increases. However, before we decide on this investment you need to find how much electricity we can get from such an installation on our property. This is very important for us, because the wind should be treated as our free “fuel” to the turbine, which converts wind energy into electricity. Increasing wind speed results in very positive for us, because if the wind speed doubles, the amount of energy obtained increases eight times.

When you decide to build a wind turbine at home, you do not have too much choice regarding space, which does not mean that you can place it wherever you want. The most important principle of this investment is to maximize the use of their own property conditions. Most preferably is if you find a place where the wind flow is steady and uninterrupted. Avoid places where for a short time the wind blows harder. READ MORE –>